You can make your Elements loan payments in many convenient ways.

  • Set up automatic payments to be paid each month to avoid missing your payment and a possible late fee
  • Easily make one-time or recurring payments from your Elements account or other bank or credit union account in online banking or with our mobile app
  • Use any debit card or your other bank or credit union account without setting up an online banking account
  • You can even mail us a check

See details below for how to pay your Elements loan. If you have questions about your loan or if you want to talk about refinancing, contact us or call us at 1-800-621-2105.

Make a Loan Payment

  • Pay your Elements Auto Loan, Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit, or other Personal Loan within online banking or the mobile app.
    • Log in and choose Pay a Loan from the Transfers & Payments menu to pay from an Elements account for immediate payment.
    • Or you can pay from a Verified External Account by clicking Transfer Money.
    • If you haven't already set up an external account within online banking to make a payment from another bank or credit union you can do so. This can take 2 business days for the payment to process, and up to a week to set up the external transfer with your other financial institution. Click Transfers & Payments and then Add External Accounts to verify your external account. 
  • Pay with your debit card for a small $7.50 fee, or register and pay with another credit union or bank account for no charge — both for immediate payment. This payment is conducted within our Loan Payment Center.
  • Mail a loan payment. Be sure to include your account number, and make your check payable to:
    Elements Financial Loan Payments
    PO Box 75460
    Chicago, IL 60675-5460
  • Contact us with questions or call 1-800-621-2105.

Make a Student Loan Payment

  • To view your Elements student loan information with Student Choice, related statements, or to make a payment, please log in here.
  • Contact us with questions or call 1-317-524-5168.